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Saturday, January 14, 2006
Von Soup?

Hello omnes.  


Today was a good day, magically. 

This morning was quite relaxing, even thought the big audition was looming.  The school was a million miles away (who's heard of lovejoy high school? anyone?? yeah, me either) and thank god we decided to leave an hour early, because we got there exactly on time.  As Thalea had warned me about, there was at least a hundered kids in a large cafeteria all playing at once. 

Occansionally a well polished, skillfully played version of the excerpt you were struggling with drifted through the noise.  That's fun.  

I saw a bunch of people I kind of knew through various music-related things, but everyone was turned hostile from competition.  Well, maybe not, but it seemed like it to me.  There are no friends at auditions.   

But really, it was not so bad.  Blind auditions are five-thousand times easier than, um, not blind auditions.  They were quite evil with the sight-reading though, because the first one was easy, and lured you into a sense of false security.  Then bam, the second one is hard as hell and you forget the meter/key signature/how to play your freaking instrument halfway through.  

But at least it's OVER and I can play good music of my own choosing. Sort of.  The musical rehersals start Tuesday.  GHP is February 4th.  

And whoever keeps sending me mail via AIM should stop, because I forgot my password and don't care enough to get it again.  


Ok, I think I've barraged with enough banter for tonight.  


Have a fabulous three-day weekend.   


p.s. It's pronounced Von Su-pay you silly home-schooled child.           

Posted at 03:05 pm by SmarkyTheFrog
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Friday, January 06, 2006
Where your head at?

Spontaneous human combustion is gross.  We're currently watching a documentary on it. 

The keep showing pictures of ashes with legs, like so:



Sorry for that.  I just had to show you how gross it is. 


Anywayssssssss.  School is an annoyance.  Dance dance revolution is awesome.  


Why am I updating?  I have nothing to say.  I think I just wanted to put that picture up there.  


And we are making a movie Sunday.  Yessss. 

Oh!  And join the Enviornmental club that me, Luke and Dilyara are starting!   


And don't combust spontaneously. 


: D

Posted at 05:12 pm by SmarkyTheFrog
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Sunday, January 01, 2006
She's not the brightest cookie in the shed.

My one and only new years resolution:

To become the ultimate dance dance revolution champion. 

I think I might quit school to live out my dream. 


So I'm back!  Our plane landed at approximatley at 11 pm.  I was at Calah's dancing my ass of at 11:30

And we couldn't find the bottle opener!  Once again!  Just like last year.  Not to mention it was the exact same people.  

All in all, there was much dancing and talking, and I think Ariel got some pictures that could definitely be used for blackmail in the future.  We figured we got about two hours of sleep, which is doing pretty good for New Years.  

Two disturbing things just occured to me.  

1.) It is 2006. 

2.) I don't know whose underwear I'm wearing.   





I'll leave you on that note. 


Happy new year!



Posted at 08:19 pm by SmarkyTheFrog
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Tuesday, December 27, 2005
sick in the head.

I have been trying to find an opportune time to update about California, and now's as good a time as any. 


So, California=amazingmagicalwonderfulsuperfabulous. 


It's eighty degrees all the time.  Days consist of many hours of consecutive lounging, either by the pool or elsewhere.  There are oranges/grapefruit/lemons/tangerines/tangelos and any other citrus-like fruit growing on trees every six inches.  


And I am getting really good at ping-pong.  


Tommorow we leave the desert for Orange County, and the BEACH.  We will hang out with my cousins, but unfortunatley Josh will not be there because he is going to New York which is very sad, because Josh is quite awesome.  


And I get to see Zoe! 


I'm tired now. Jetlag's a bitch.   



Posted at 10:33 pm by SmarkyTheFrog
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Wednesday, December 21, 2005
I'll bite your legs off!

I. want. my. violin. now. 


When school starts up again, I have GHP and All-state auditions in the same week.  And it's time to start making tapes for summer camps.  But that's kind of hard to do when you don't have your freaking instrument.  

Ok, that's enough of that, becuase ya know what?  I don't have to see Mr. Hunt for ten days.  Or anyone else that I don't want to.  I do have to read a novel and outline chp. 11 for AP, but I get presents!  Presents make up for homework. 


Yesterday was very relaxing.  Dil and myself went to Ariel's house, where we promptly ate food and ran around in large, grassy fields.  And danced a lot.  When we get together it always seems to lead to dancing... 

Today I babysat, and was violated by a little boy.  I was giving him a piggy back ride, and I bent down assuming he would grab my shoulders like normal people, but instead he grabs my boobs.  Kids these days. 


I can't believe I'm going to California Saturday.  I think I'm going to try to get my homework done here so I won't have that hanging over my head. 


So goodbye dears

Happy Christmahannakwanzika



Posted at 01:08 pm by SmarkyTheFrog
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Monday, December 19, 2005
mustache comb

This has been a weird day.  Good weird.  We're so close to the end. 


And also, the thing that was going to happen tommorow has been changed to Friday.  So don't show up tommorow. 

Senior is in the shop due to a weird bridge, not-fitting pegs and a mysteriously dislocated lable.  I feel so weird.  I haaaaaaaaaaate it when I don't have my violin.  Even if I wouldn't play anyway, it's a comfort thing. 

And it decides to be weird right before my playing exam.  But I will be graded easier, which is nice.  


I finished packing all my cookies tonight.  Needless to say, Katy beat me.  She brought truffles.  Dammit.   


Christmas is lurking like a creepy man in a corner.  

I've got most of my presents in order.  Except for Michaels! Argh!  I'm a bad sister.  And Lukes.  Boys are hard to shop for.  


I got my dad the best present ever, but unfortunatley, I forgot to check the shipping price.  Therefore 

Price of actual gift: $11 

Shipping: $18 

Fuckity fuck fuck.  


But I'm getting ahead of myself.  This weekend was the best in a long while.  

I met Luke's mom.  She is so cool.  We made her dinner, but really I made her dinner because I can actually cook.  Afterwards, Luke and I decided we needed dessert, so we made up a recipe.  My culinary skills seemed to compensate for Lukes, and it actually wasn't half bad. 


And tonight I made random things out of beads and obsessivley cleaned my room, because I don't have homework and or violin.   


I'm happy now, for unrelated reasons.  



Tommorow's DB's birthday. Wish him happy birthday, fool.


One more day! 



Posted at 05:53 pm by SmarkyTheFrog
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Saturday, December 17, 2005

You guys, I just baked a shit load of cookies. 


And if you are reading this, you will probably be getting some in the next couple of days. 


Yesterday was awesome awesome amazingness.  After school, that is.  But in all honesty the finals were not too mind-blowingly hard.  Especially Chemistry.  I'm really afraid that was like, the pre-final or somthing.  Yes, he might be evil enough to do that. 

After school we (Ariel, Dilyara, Myself) went to Dilyara's house.  We talked, ate amazing pizza, played with Lydia (baby), walked the sobachka's (dogs),and danced our asses off to various musical soundtracks and Latin music.  It was the most fun ever.  I think you can only let loose that much after the hard finals are over. 


My violins new name is Senior, by the way.   


Artemis and her pater shall be arriving at my house soon.  We are going to see Narnia, and spend the night at her dads.  I am very much excited about this, because he has a very large house and a very nice hot tub, and I definetly don't get to see Artemis as much as I want to.  

He also apperantly has a big room with amazing acoustic, so I can get my violin-ing in. 

And Mr. bean and candy.     

I have to work on creative writing at some point.  This class is slowly getting better.  I could probably still learn more from my mom, though.  That's okay.   


Have a good weekend. 


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Tuesday, November 15, 2005
We are the robots.

Today was a good day, once again except for the persistant nagging headache. 

Dark night was fantastic.  Truex was there.  Elizabeth Green was there, who technically goes to DSA but I see as rarley as Truex. 

My mom is extending her stay in California, which kind of scares me.  Our house is going to falllll apart. 

And next week I'm driving nine hours to Indiana, and litterally me driving part of the way. 

I want these headaches to stop.  It might involve the removal of my head. 

Frankenstein's monster is so misunderstood.  I want to give him a hug. 

Luke and me decided that we are going to make a music video called "We are the Robots" named after the heavenly song.  It will involve lots of tin foil and Michaels real robots.  I'm so excited. 

Gilmore Girls is almost on, and my mom isn't here to watch it with me.  :(

Woe is me. 

Sleep tight. 

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Saturday, November 12, 2005
Oh...that would explain the hats.
Yeah, yeah.  I've come crawling back. 

I don't think I'm ready to completly abandon this blog yet. 

Right now I have a mild headache.  As in just enough to bother me.  My mom is on a plane to California.  Dad's at work.  Brother's at soccer. 

And I am here with my emotionally unstable dogs. 

The house feels like a post-hurricane distaster zone.  It is completly chaotic, yet no one's around.  I suppose I'll have to clean later. 

Last night I saw an Emory production of King Lear. It kind of blew my mind. I had to come home and watch Jurrasic park to bring my back to a balanced mindset. 

The director decided that they were going to do a different version of this play, by showing it developing through the stages of the production process.  In the beginning, they were all wearing normal clothes and sitting around a production table, and slowly it began to become more polished. 
To be honest I thought it was a little disappointing.  I've seen the production process.  I was in the mood for a more finished product. 

But it was a very enriching experience, nonetheless. 

This week has been erratic.  I've felt both extremes of boredom and stress. 

Good news, I have an 83 in Chemistry. 

I'm done.  Have a good weekend. 

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Thursday, October 13, 2005
Slap his butt. Go ahead, do it.
Hmmm I've been in an updating mood lately, I guess. 

Always looking for new methods of procranstination. 

I was reading back on some of my previous entries, and they were all much happier/more interesting than my current entries.  I think this was because I was writing during a happier, more interesting time in my life.  But at the same time, I think you are never stuck and can always change the situation you're in.  So I will attempt to make more entries with substance. 

During the breaks of taking the PSAT, I was reading my dear yoga book.  It said that if you completly give way to the life of a Yogi, you will find you have very little to talk about with other people, simply because you have nothing to complain about.  It said to try an experiment, and not complain for a week, just to see what happens. 

I think this is somthing we should all do.  Just saying. 

Stress seems to come in waves.  All at once everything is happening.  It's hard to keep priorities straight. 

Ok, I seriously neeeeed to take notes on chapter nine now.  Speaking of priorites. 

See you at homecoming

pax, amor

Posted at 06:04 pm by SmarkyTheFrog
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